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LotusFlare is a US product company that was founded in 2014 by former executives from Facebook. Our founders led the team that helped Facebook reach over two billion users on mobile, during the years when the company invented the discipline of Growth.

• Our Vision is to make affordable mobile communications available to every human on earth.

• Our Mission is to build a new infrastructure stack for enterprises using modern software and services.

Our headquarters and technology development center is in Silicon Valley, and we have operations across Asia and Europe.

We have offices in Belgrade (Serbia), Kyiv (Ukraine), Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, China, Canada (Toronto and Waterloo), and Santa Clara (California).

LotusFlare is backed by leading investors including Google Ventures, Social Capital, Compound, Macquarie Capital, Kickstart, Sherpalo, and Silicon Valley Angels.

We partner with companies in Telecom, Finance, Media & Entertainment, and Health to build digital experiences and systematically drive user engagement, retention, and monetization on their apps and websites.

Our Products & Services

LotusFlare incorporates best practices from successful Internet companies to grow revenue, reduce cost, simplify the IT stack and accelerate time-to-market.

1. Digital Network Operator® (DNO™) — 5G-ready, cloud-native IT platform that lets Telecom Operators launch an entirely new brand or quickly replace legacy IT components.

2. Digital Enablement Platform — A suite of digital products for Enterprises that help them grow their business and radically improve their digital customer experience.

3. Growth Platform — An all-in-one solution that lets every brand deliver personalized, on-demand experiences on mobile apps, just like the ones built by the most loved Internet companies. Our Growth Platform comprises modular Growth products and services that can be easily integrated into existing apps and websites to help clients engage and retain their user base through contextual notifications, rewards, and referrals. We also help clients build in-house Growth teams with the right skill sets, analytics, and product capabilities.

4. eSIM Cloud — eSIM for smartphones is here today. LotusFlare eSIM Cloud provides true and complete digital onboarding via an app. No need to visit a retail store, no QR code scans, and no need to involve a call center agent.

5. Converged Charging System — A cloud-native, 5G-ready real-time charging platform that supports all 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G online and offline charging functions for pre-paid and post-paid customers.

Awards & Recognition

• LotusFlare wins the Outstanding Digital Component Provider Award 2020

• LotusFlare wins the Outstanding Digital Enablement Provider Award 2019


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