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Universe Group

Universe Group

Universe Group launches global IT products. Within the Universe company group, they create mobile applications and web platforms to simplify and improve people's quality of life.

For five years, Universe Group has built three successful businesses: Guru Apps, FORMA, Wisey – and is also developing its R&D center. The company's products are used by nearly 62 million people in 180 countries worldwide.

Our Achievements 

  • 3rd largest scan utilities publisher in the world in terms of revenue
  • 62+ mln downloads all over the world;
  • +500 000 users monthly;
  • Scan Guru is the top-1 tool in 55 counties;
  • top-3 by income among all the developers that create iOS tools;
  • an average of 4,7+ on App Store.

Our Values

  • Proactivity. We are engaged and proactive, delving deep into processes and offering ideas even outside our professional domains. We quickly overcome obstacles to reach the final goal, take an interest in what’s happening in our company, and initiate improvements in how business is done.
  • Focus on result. We do everything to ensure the best possible results instead of focusing on the process for the sake of the process. We set ambitious goals and never stop at what we have achieved.
  • Openness. We openly talk about the company’s results, successes, and mess-ups while building honest communication and sharing constructive feedback to become better every day.
  • Flexibility. We quickly adapt to new business realities. If necessary, we change our process and approach for the best result. To us, challenges are growth points, and we’re always ready to test new hypotheses.
  • Unity. We are a team. We are united, outgoing, and we are always there to help each other and share our experiences.

What We Offer 

🚀 Opportunities for growth

🏠 The ability to work remotely

💊 Caring & support 

📚 Investment in education

🌴 20 working days of leave payment for sick leave

💸 Competitive salary

🫶🏻 A team that will support in the most difficult times 

If you want to become part of our team, send your СV right now, and we will contact you.

Mobile, Edtech/Education

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