np. Python, Warszawa, Startup

Senior FE Engineer

zł 25000 — 28000
Brutto / Miesiąc / B2B

Project Description

If you join our team, you’ll be recreating a system that helps run all medical research. The platform uses the power of a slashing stack and is designed according to the tenets of event-driven architecture (Kubernetes, Kafka, AWS, Microservices).

Members of the team are all senior-level and above, so everyone is used to working together effectively and is always up for a good time during daily standups.

Clients who are both tech-savvy and courteous are a plus. They require talented engineers to assist them in delivering a great life-changing product on time.

You can find more info about the client at


  • Understand business needs 
  • Design and document technical solutions 
  • Write clean and maintainable code, perform code-reviews 
  • Establish optimal processes and state-of-the-art engineering practices 
  • Help team to self-organize 
  • Take ownership of the system quality 
  • (If needed) monitor/support the system in production (Pager Duty)

Skills Required

  • Fluent/advanced English to communicate daily with customers
  • 7+ years with React/FE
  • Super strong JS + Typescript is a must (there’s a lot of complex business logic)
  • Good HTML, CSS (there’s fewer styling challenges, no animations etc.)
  • Experience with test tools (Jest, Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, etc.)
  • Experience in GitHub Actions, Docker, and AWS
10 - 50
E-commerce, Fintech/Banking, Medtech/Healthcare, Media, Retail

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