np. Python, Warszawa, Startup

Tech Lead Java Developer

zł 28000 — 32000
Netto / Miesiąc / B2B

About the client:

Welcome to the company with 10 years of expertise in exchange and trading technology that helps new, and established marketplaces start, transform, and expand their businesses. Our cloud-based SaaS solution is transforming the way marketers match and discover prices.

About the project:
We work on a distributed matching engine platform called Exberry, simplifying exchange and trading. We develop the product using a microservices approach, an API-based multi-tenant service that consumes real-time Kafka events.


  • At least 6+ years of experience in java server-side, and must have deep understanding of reactive systems experience in areas: java concurrent programming, java security, reactive programming, network programming and mechanical sympathy understanding
  • Knowledge of programming patterns and design principles which and solving complex problems using algorithms
  • Experience in low latency / high-throughput algorithms
  • Experience in building large-scale, multi-tenant mission-critical systems
  • Understanding of transport protocols and formats: HTTP1/1, HTTP/2, WebSocket, Google Protocol Buffers, Json, FIX, SBE
  • Background with the Fin-Tech industry
  • Experience with Aeron technology
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Familiarity with microservices architecture
  • Experience with cloud and bare-metal environments
  • Experience with performance tuning
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Security standards and practices


  • Be part of an agile team, the core technology team to build and advance a low latency / high-throughput trading platform
  • Participate in all aspects of the development and influence foundation for a system affecting a huge market
  • Lead features from design to production
  • Take an active part of Teamwork and team spirit, share and learn from each other
  • Take part in deep tech product development
  • Take part in influencing the evolution of product architecture
  • Take part in influencing product development and growth
  • Take part in ever improving the product delivery life-cycle
  • Help the agile team meet its goals

500 - 1000
Logistics, GameDev, Fintech/Banking, Cloud Computing, E-commerce

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