np. Amazon, Warszawa, Startup


Idealogic has more than 5 years of experience working with startups. We focus on businesses working in crypto, health, blockchain and NTF niches. Our development teams create products from scratch, working closely with the clients. We work together on market research, features list, development plan and product design. 

Solutions we develop for our clients: 
 - iOS/Android applications
 - DeFi platforms
 - NFT platforms
 - Custom Blockchain-based apps and platforms
 - Real Time analytic platforms
Services we provide to the businesses: 
 - Custom Development services as Dedicated teams
 - Product Design and UX/UI development
 - Consultations and help with market research and product featuring
 - Quality assurance and software testing
 - Post development software support

We believe that our vision, values and expertise gives us an edge above our competitors. 
10 - 50
Blockchain, Fintech/Banking, Mobile, E-commerce, Big Data

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