np. Python, Warszawa, Startup

Senior Full Stack Developer

zł 18000 — 24000
Brutto / Miesiąc / B2B

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer with an extensive experience in .Net and Angular to join the customer's cross-team.

About the Customer:
The customer offers digital systems developed specifically to handle the complex requirements and specific needs that exist within the welfare sector. Their ambition is to, together with customers, develop safe and cost-effective comprehensive solutions that create the greatest possible value for the business.

About the Team:
Multiple teams work with various products. These products have often been developed for years within different companies before joining the company (through mergers or acquisitions). They see huge benefits in collaboration between the products because the needs and challenges are often similar but it’s not happening to the extent that we expect.

To get the collaboration to increase we are setting up a cross-team. The team's goal and objective are to inspire, help and collaborate with all their development teams, be responsible for creating and managing shared company services, and be a resource for the whole company to talk about good practices, shared philosophies, and policies.

As of now, the team consists of a team lead, two architects, and a junior developer.

Assignment description:
If you’re not only interested in writing code but also in thinking and talking about things like code quality, maintainability, SOLID and Clean architecture, then you will be among peers.
Some common topics are:
- Create shared resources like frontend components and themes
- Help teams get started in rewriting their frontends to Angular
- Decide on the architectural standard
- Shared logging platform (Serilog, Elasticsearch, Kibana)
- Share Caching strategy (Good practices, Redis)
- Shared message service (Same SMS API)
- Set up build pipelines, automated testing and more
- Development of an integration platform (RabbitMQ)

You will be an integrated member of the team. As such you will:
- Participate in discussions about best practices and strategies
- Develop shared services and components
- Work in collaboration with different product teams to help them get started on some topics. For example, for an Angular rewrite where we will help the product team get started with setting everything up, ensuring that the overall structure and key features are in place and that the frontend developers are ready to continue working

Must haves:
Highly expected:
• .Net
• Angular
• Sass
• SQL Server
• Integration testing. Like with Playwright.
• Microsoft DevOps
• Rabbit MQ
• Elasticsearch
• Kibana
• Redis

Soft Values:
It is essential that the candidate has the right soft values such as communication skills, an ability to learn new things, and also be willing to come up with their own thoughts and ideas.

Developers Shore
< 10

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