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Motion Designer (3 months contract)

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We are looking for a dedicated Motion Designer to join our UX/UI design team for at least three months (with a possibility to extend the contract based on the product's needs, if both parties agree). We’re good with the interfaces and the graphic design, and we need a person with the expertise in animation. Your knowledge, skills and experience should include:

  • At least 1 year of motion design experience
  • A solid knowledge of motion design tools (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lottie)
  • An ability to quickly learn new tools when needed
  • Understanding how Figma, Adobe Illustrator and stuff like these work
  • Attention to detail, high level of self management
  • An ability to work as part of a team
  • Adaptivity and readiness to iterate
  • Basic understanding of how the collaboration with the development team happens
  • Strong communication skills (English is our main language)

Will be a plus

  • Experience of working with the development team

What we suggest

  • Remote work 
  • Direct contract


When you join our team, we expect you to:

  • Based on our designs, create 2D videos for ads (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • Create 2D videos to be included in the interface. According to the workflow, you’ll be provided with the script and source designs (timings, texts, vector graphics, audio, etc.) and create short video clips based on those sources
  • We’ll have to work and iterate quickly, not one video per two weeks, but rather “at least some result daily” for a possibility to quickly change something

About our products

Swivl is the worldwide leader in video observation technology, currently in more than 40,000 schools across the globe. We help to create a culture of support in education.

Swivl focuses on SaaS, Video, Education, and Robotics.


Our Design Team is small, up to 6-7 people, and highly efficient. We are part of the Kyiv and Warsaw offices with around 80+ employees (developers, project and product managers, QAs, designers, developers, customer success, etc.). All the Team members started working at the Kyiv office, and currently some of them work remotely from other cities and countries. A perfect Swivl Designer is a flexible specialist ready to learn more from contiguous fields, in order to participate in all the stages of product life, as well as specialize in one of the selected design directions. 

10 - 50

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