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Python developer


On behalf of Cyrebro, SD Solutions is looking for a talented Back-End Engineer (Python) to join the R&D team.

SD Solutions is a staffing company operating globally. Contact us to get more details about the benefits we offer.


  • Integrate platform to other products.
  • Work as part of a scrum team.
  • Partake in the overall detailed design and planning activities.
  • Implement code.
  • Implement unit and API tests.
  • Partake in troubleshooting problems within engineering and production tiers.


  • 3+ years as a Backend Engineer.
  • Experience with Python and OOP.
  • Experience with microservices.
  • Experience with Cloud tech stack such as AWS, ECS, Lambda, Dockers & Containers.
  • Experience with working in Agile Scrum methodology.
  • Experience with high-performance, multiprocess / thread, and event-driven programming/architecture.
  • Confidence in learning new languages and platforms.


  • Experience with relational databases & SQL.
  • Experience with ORM such as SQLAlchemy, Django.

About the product:

Cyrebro is an online cybersecurity central command-managed SOC that integrates all security events with strategic monitoring proactive threat intelligence and rapid incident response. The platform makes it easy to see and maintain an accurate and meaningful picture of cyber intelligence solutions posture in one centralized platform.

Cyrebro also simplifies cybersecurity with full, rapid clarity for even the most complex situations to make the right business decisions, quickly. It also radically reduces investigation time into malicious attacks from days to hours, and minutes to instant. 93% of attacks compromise systems within minutes.

SD Solutions
100 - 300

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