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Database Administrator


TechTellent is looking for a skilled Database Administrator to join our team.

We are a fast-growing global IT & Tech company based in Cyprus that values its people and provides a positive work environment. We recruit and retain top IT talent, providing opportunities for growth and advancement to deliver world-class solutions to clients worldwide.

What you bring along:

  • Proven working experience as a Database Administrator
  • Strong experience in managing and maintaining MS SQL databases in a cloud environment, preferably AWS RDS
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL and its deployment on cloud platforms
  • Proven experience with Cassandra DB
  • Experience with large-scale data warehousing systems like Redshift/Greenplum
  • Familiarity with Kafka or similar messaging systems
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools
  • Proficient understanding of the .NET backend stack and its interaction with databases
  • Familiarity with best practices for database security and disaster recovery
  • Experience in designing data warehouse, data store

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience working in a cloud-agnostic setup
  • Certification in AWS RDS or equivalent
  • Knowledge of other cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud, etc

This is your mission:

  • Overseeing the health, performance, and security of AWS RDS instances hosting MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and Redshift/Greenplum
  • Tunning database queries, indexes, and other elements for optimal performance
  • Assisting in migration strategies to make the applications cloud-agnostic
  • Working on sharding, replication, and other techniques to scale the databases
  • Reviewing and optimizing Cassandra DB schema
  • Reviewing Hot/Cold storage approach and suggesting improvements is needed
  • Collaboration with the DevOps team to manage and maintain the infrastructure using IaC tools
  • Monitoring database health and performance regularly. Generating reports on database metrics for internal stakeholders

Why us:

  • People-driven team
  • Variety of technologies
  • Developing innovative software products
  • Clients worldwide
  • International team of talented people
  • Possibility to deliver services from any location
  • Interesting tasks and projects
  • Balance between routine and developmental tasks
  • Compensative English lessons
10 - 50
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