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B2B Revenue Operations Lead


Laba Group is a leader of EdTech in Eastern Europe. We break old stereotypes and write our own rules in the online education field. If you open the Forbes 100 list, 93 of them are our clients.

Our achievements in the chronology:

  • 2015: the first master class was launched, which grew into the Laba business school
  • 2019: SKVOT pop-culture school and entering the US market with ELVTR brand
  • 2020: launch of robot_dreams, an IT school
  • 2022: current projects in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and the USA
  • 2023: offices in Germany and the United Kingdom, expansion of the network of courses, and development of projects

During this time, we have launched more than 568+ courses and taught 115,000+ students from more than 50 countries.

What can you expect from us in the near future?

  • 2024: the status of the largest educational project in Europe
  • Entering Spain, France and Brazil
  • Transition to the Unicorn status 🦄

To sustain our success in the Global market, we are looking for the right people to generate innovation and drive change together. We are inviting a B2B Revenue Operations Lead to join our esteemed Global Sales team. This role involves establishing a process for launching В2В sales departments in different countries, hiring new sales specialists, and creating sales funnels and motivation systems.

Your tasks will be as follows:

  • develop, implement, and optimize the overall B2B sales strategy in alignment with the company's goals and objectives; 
  • identify and pursue new business opportunities within the B2B market segment;
  • hire sales representatives and accommodate newbies who will perform by 120%;
  • implement and adapt processes that have already been implemented in other markets where Laba Group operates;
  • train and motivate a team to continuously improve sales results;
  • participate in important negotiations with clients and stakeholders;
  • work with numbers, see and propose where we can grow up;
  • arrange the working process using CRM Systems and other sales tools;
  • hold meetings with lecturers and the Production team in order to learn more about the course and understand what "hurts" the clients;
  • monitor the fulfillment of KPIs and track the speed of applications processing;
  • draw up working scripts;
  • maintain reporting documents.

​To do this, you'll need some skills:

  • 3+ years of experience building sales funnels for B2B clients is a MUST;
  • Proficiency in English level to communicate with our international team and exchange experience; 
  • you have your own client base and/or huge networking; 
  • proven record of optimization of sales processes and increasing revenue; 
  • good at working in dynamic environments and excited by challenging tasks; 
  • know how to use the tools of effective sales and negotiations; 
  • can evaluate the work of the team and provide explicit feedback; 
  • an ambitious leader able to handle change management and development; 
  • quick on your feet in decision-making and take responsibility for all your actions.

About our offer list:

  • A flexible full-time remote form of cooperation. Our business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm CET and you are also always welcomed to one of our offices located in Warsaw, Prague, Kyiv, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul, or Berlin.
  • Build to innovate. Implement a new sales strategy for different countries which will have a huge impact. 
  • Be Part of the E-learning Revolution. Join our mission to change lives by breaking educational boundaries – every task you undertake has the power to impact thousands of learners worldwide;
  • +1000 points to your knowledge and skills. You are going to work with various tools, formats, and processes. What's more, you are about to collaborate with the Sales Leaders from different countries we are operating in — all of them have a lot of knowledge and insights to share;
  • Opportunity to grow. We are not used to following the usual framework, and we want to actually improve ourselves. Get ready for our exciting courses and full support, all you need is a true passion for work and striving for great results! Remember that you will be a part of a big international Sales team, we will always be there for you and you will learn a lot :)
  • Constructive feedback. Open, honest, and constructive feedback is something we rely on.

Our recruitment process is transparent and clear. Four stages: an interview with the Talent Partner -> online assessment -> interview with the Global Chief Commercial Officer -> meeting with the CEO. After that, an offer is in your mail.

Now you know more about us.

And we want to know more about you: apply and let's develop Global EdTech together 🚀

Laba Group
50 - 100

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