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Madiff (Make a Difference)

Madiff (Make a Difference)

Madiff — is a globally recognized IT consulting firm, renowned for its focus on digital product development and engineering consulting.

We pride ourselves on creating applications and systems for an impressive roster of top500 companies around the world, spanning diverse sectors such as banking, payments, insurance, telecommunications, FMCG, automotive, travel, logistics, pharmaceutical, military and defence, along with the European Commission.

Our expansive footprint includes software houses located in Poland, Portugal, and Ukraine, where we're passionately developing innovative solutions for some of the fastest-growing startups in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US. These collaborations extend across high-potential sectors such as robotics, genomics, nanotech, biotech, fintech, AI, Adtech, Greentech, and IoT, to name a few

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