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Railsware is a product studio with two main focuses — Railsware products and consultancy services.

Railsware Products: Mailtrap,, and Jira Smart Checklist were initially created as simple in-house tools. They quickly got recognition in the community and became commercial products with a multi-million user base, steady growth, and ambitious plans.

As for consultancy services, we build great web and mobile solutions focusing on clients’ essential business objectives, creating value for the end-users, and ensuring products’ steady growth.

No matter what products Railsware is working on, we always stick to the three simple principles:
🔸 do what makes sense
🔸 take responsibility
🔸 improve and share your craft

As a result, we can boast of many successful products that help people on various levels. Like these:

🔹Calendly — an online appointment scheduling platform that we’ve been supporting from the ideation to a $3.5 billion business.
🔹BrightBytes — a research-based decision support platform. Railsware extended the BrightBytes tech team to help build complicated parts of projects till the moment when Google acquired BrightBytes
🔹DoctorOnlineUA — a free online platform for Ukrainians who require physical and mental health advice but don’t have access to qualified medicine. During the first six months, more than 1600 consultations have been held for free.

At Railsware, we value freedom, remote and a flexible schedule, and a balanced workload. We guarantee easy-going onboarding, a clear but flexible development plan, and the ability to take responsibility for decision-making through a holacratic team structure. No wonder, an average Railswarian stays in the company for around 5 years!

We invest in building a strong team choosing people who care about their work and are dedicated to their projects. Is that what you were looking for?
Join Railsware now, find your new Career Match —https//

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