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Our Warsaw Team is Growing!

Moon Active has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years, with a team of 150+ members based in Warsaw and over 2,000 members spread across the globe. However, even as we continue on this upward growth trajectory, we remain committed to fostering and nurturing our unique company culture. Moon Active is a multi-studio mobile game company with millions of daily active users.

We play as a TEAM!

We believe that success is achieved by setting high standards and continuously striving to deliver exceptional results as a team. Our team members work closely together to solve problems and enhance the gaming experience for our users.
We embrace a culture of learning and development, where there's always room to learn from and grow with your colleagues.
Join us in creating an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth!

We play it SMART!

From backend services to data pipelines running at a massive scale, processing terabytes of data per day, serving millions of requests per minute, to optimizing high-end graphics in Unity, we never compromise on quality to deliver the best game experience to our players.

We play to WIN!

At Moon Active, we are committed to unlocking our full potential and achieving new heights every day.
We encourage bold decisions, teamwork and problem-solving. We value the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each team member brings to the table, and work to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture.
We’re always looking for talented and driven professionals who have a desire to create, develop, and deliver an out-of-this-world game experience.

Enjoy with us!

We would like to provide you with a supportive and rewarding work environment, along with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We believe in investing in our employees and creating a workplace that promotes innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Join us on the Moon!

Employees in Poland
100 - 300
GameDev, Mobile

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