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We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Finance Director to join team and contribute to the financial management and strategic planning of our group of companies in the UAE.

As the Finance Director, you will be responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the group of companies, providing strategic financial guidance, and ensuring the companies’ financial health and profitability.


Financial Strategy and Planning:

• Build financial models and forecasts for business planning and budgeting.

• Develop tariffs, unit economics and data.

• Develop and implement financial strategies aligned with the company's overall objectives and growth plans.

• Provide financial analysis, forecasting, and guidance to support strategic decision-making.

• Assess and manage financial risks, identifying areas of improvement and implementing corrective actions.

• Evaluate and drive cost-saving initiatives and efficiency improvements across the organization.

• Establish and maintain financial policies, procedures, and controls.

Financial Reporting and Analysis:

• Prepare accurate and timely financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

• Provide comprehensive financial analysis and insights to the executive team and the Board of Directors.

• Monitor financial performance, identify trends, and highlight areas of concern or opportunity.

• Ensure compliance with financial regulations and accounting principles.

• Conduct the internal audit activity related to finance, operations, and other support functions of the group of companies.

Budgeting and Forecasting:

• Lead the annual budgeting process, working closely with department heads to develop realistic budgets and financial targets.

• Monitor and track budget performance, providing regular updates and variance analysis.

• Develop long-term financial forecasts and scenarios to support strategic planning and resource allocation.

Cash Flow and Treasury Management:

• Manage the company's cash flow, ensuring sufficient liquidity for daily operations and long-term growth, including cryptocurrency.

• Maintain accounting, tax and management reports.

• Optimize cash management strategies, including investments, debt financing, and working capital management.

• Establish and maintain relationships with banks, lenders, and other financial institutions.

• Open and maintain bank accounts, including international banks.

Stakeholder Management:

• Collaborate with external auditors, tax advisors, and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements.

• Communicate financial performance, risks, and opportunities to the executive team, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders.

• Provide financial guidance and support to other departments, assisting with financial analysis and decision-making.

Financial Compliance & Taxes

• Overview the Taxation (Income Tax) and VAT matters.

• Report and manage the financial compliance issues/deficiencies.

Important expertise, competencies, and values:

• Ukrainian/Russian-language speaker; fluent in the English language.

• Work experience in the bank, financial business, or other financial organization (settlement accounts, Visa, Mastercard).

• Experience of working in treasury is welcomed.

• CFA qualification is welcomed.

• Expert in international auditing and financial reporting standards.

• Understanding cryptocurrency-related matters (transfers and other operations) is preferred.

• Possess organizational management skills and ability to grasp business risks.

• Thorough understanding of financial management, regulatory compliance, board reporting, as well as demonstrable commercial and business acumen.

• Solid business understanding of the entire suite of banking products including digital financial services.

• Able to make sound decisions and to provide effective advice to others in areas of financial expertise and audit coverage.

• Effective analytical skills and critical thinking to understand processes, controls and risks of areas covered, identify root causes of issues, and recommend practical solutions.

• Experience in team management, supervision, leadership performance management.

• Team player and ability to work within diverse teams in diverse cultural environments.

• Strong interpersonal, negotiating, and problem-solving skills.

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