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Welltech is a company where people are united by values and together create ethical Health & Fitness products. Enthusiasm, professionalism and conscious meaningful activity enables our products to be on top and bring benefit to people all over the world.

WellTech is a place where everyone not only performs their tasks well, but also reveals their potential. We steadily continue to develop, grow and win every day💙💛

Grow with us:
  • 5+ years on the global market
  • 500+ professionals (over the past year we’ve doubled our team 😱)
  • 5+ apps
  • 200M+ downloads
  • Our applications are sold all over the world with a focus on the USA, Latin America, and Europe, and we are actively entering Asian markets

We are currently looking for a Lead Recruiter to join our Recruitment team in our office in Warsaw, Poland.

Recruitment at Welltech
  • We live in the Talent Density paradigm. Our focus is “the best of the best”. The Welltech team consists of experts and leaders in their fields
  • A culture of respect, common values, environmental friendliness are important
  • Systematicity is the basis for development. We understand what we do and why. We practice a dedicated approach, we make all decisions based on data
  • Hiring Managers are our key partners who are deeply involved in the process at every step

And more:
  • Clear principles of work. For example, a fixed number of job vacancies per recruiter. They are divided according to priorities - high and medium
  • Tools. You are free in choosing the necessary tools. We like non-trivial solutions, we systematically test new approaches
  • ATS system. BreezyHR saves time, collects analytics and allows you to easily and transparently move through the recruitment process

The Lead Recruiter role includes the following 3 missions:
  1. Being the Business Partner for your direction. Assist Hiring Managers in making effective team building decisions
  2. Being the leader of the strategic and day-to-day recruitment process, being responsible for each stage and the final result. Being equally involved in the strategy formation, sourcing, hunting, evaluation of candidates, final negotiations, etc.
  3. Being the driver and implementer of projects that increase the efficiency of recruitment processes

What awaits you in the first 3 months?

Stage 1 - week 1 - Onboarding
  • Getting acquainted with teams, products, business and recruitment processes
  • The first team meetings, a hiring manager and the first vacancy at work, hoorah!)

Stage 2 - weeks 2-7 - Getting familiar
  • The portfolio of vacancies is gradually expanding (directions - tech, digital, corporate)
  • Acquaintance with teams and hiring managers gains strength and depth
  • You have developed an understanding of products, vacancies, and work methods
  • There are still many questions, but you know where to go with them

Stage 3 - weeks 8-12 - Ownership of your missions
  • The first stages of adaptation in the new environment have been passed, you have everything you need to return to your normal mode of work and productivity, congratulations!)
  • You can look at our processes with fresh eyes and offer ideas for optimization
  • In the first 3 months, thanks to you, the Welltech team was replenished with 3-5 top professionals ✨

For us the Lead Recruiter means:
  • 5+ years of experience as a Full-Cycle Recruiter (at least 3 of them with the Polish market)
  • Excellent communication skills. The ability to negotiate, create environmentally clean conditions for achieving the goals of all participants. Ability to accurately present a product/team/solution, etc
  • Systematic, analytical, critical way of thinking. Knowing how to make something structural and simple out of something chaotic and complex, without losing the essence
  • Mastery of tools: sourcing, information gathering, methods of determining deep motivation, culture fit
  • English proficiency level: Upper Intermediate

We create comfortable conditions for cooperation focused on your rhythm of life, work and rest, and offer a fair level of compensation that will be appropriate for the candidate’s expertise and level.

Welltech is not only about great benefits but also about great culture. All our specialists are offered incredible opportunities for professional and career growth, flexible work environments, and the ability to suggest ideas and drive changes.

Check out some of our products:

Candidate journey:
⭕️ Intro call ---- ⭕️ Interview ---- ⭕️ Test Task ---- ⭕️Final Interview

There is a high chance that we will have a match and a win-win if:
Our vector and pace of development and your professional goals coincide. And also our values, approaches to learning, implementation of tasks, methods of communication. And optimism) 
Let's get to know each other?

50 - 100

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