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Cybersecurity Consultant / Penetration Tester

Pełny etat
Angielski: Intermediate
Who Are We

BSG is a team of cybersecurity experts striving to deliver the highest quality services in the market. We complete over 70 projects annually, mainly in Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Ukraine. We guarantee our consultants diverse and challenging projects and the most productive learning environment. We offer a unique goal-centric working culture, comfortable and effective work conditions, and an outstanding team spirit.

What We Expect from You
You will participate in the application security assessments, network, and social engineering pentests, red-teaming exercises, and other ethical hacking activities. You will be led by an experienced expert in each project and learn from the industry’s best. You will contribute to the team, community, and profession to the extent of your ambition.

Necessary Competencies
  • Operational knowledge of modern operating systems and networking
  • Experience with common cloud services: AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Network Security basics and expertise in network pentesting
  • Security testing of web applications, web services, mobile apps, and IT infrastructure
  • Ability to apply modern Application Security methodologies and frameworks
  • Ability to use at least one modern programming language
  • Practical experience with Burp Suite
  • Good command of English and Ukrainian

Desired Competencies

Any of the following guarantees an interview invitation:
< 10

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