np. Python, Warszawa, Startup

Senior Data Scientist - Generative AI

Wrocław, Kraków, Warszawa, Białystok, Gdańsk, Łódź
zł 20000 — 30000
Netto / Miesiąc / B2B
Data Science


Transforming the way thousands of global organizations do business by developing the most innovative technologies and processes in Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, and Experience Design. We are one of the largest teams in Eastern Europe that stood at the origins of Data Science, so you will get tons of experience while working with the best talents in the field.

In the Data Science Center of Excellence, you will receive a chance to contribute to a wide range of projects in different areas, domains, and technologies. The GenAI Strategy at SoftServe aims to spearhead the development and implementation of intelligent software systems that integrate GenAI, AI, Data Analytics, MLOps, and Cloud infrastructure.

Join us in revolutionizing the software industry and driving innovation in adaptive self-learning technologies by leveraging multidisciplinary expertise!


  • Experienced in Generative AI and NLP techniques: GANs, Transformers, and Diffusion Models for Image Generation
  • Competent in Generative AI and Language Models to spearhead innovative initiatives that leverage cutting-edge techniques in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI
  • An expert in Deep Learning techniques application; knowledgeable of all mandatory technical and areas to use them successfully
  • A holder of a Ph.D. or Master's Degree in Computer Science, or a related field
  • Having extensive knowledge of the State-of-the-Art (SoTA) in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and their application to resolving intricate challenges
  • Used to working with pre-trained Language Models (GPT-3, BERT), and fine-tuning them for specific tasks
  • Aware of the software development life cycle of AI projects, Machine Learning operationalization processes
  • Experienced with AI solutions deployment to main cloud providers: GCP, AWS, and Azure
  • Hands-on with Python and TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Possessing strong interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Easily translating complex concepts in clear, concise, and meaningful ways, that a non-technical audience can easily understand
  • Able to maintain business communication in English (Upper-Intermediate or higher)


  • Work with Full Stack Data Analysis, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning model pipeline that includes deep analysis of customer data, modeling, and deployment in production
  • Choose relevant computational tools for study, experiment, or trial research objectives
  • Lead the application of Generative AI techniques to develop innovative solutions for language generation, text synthesis, and creative content generation
  • Produce clear, concise, well-organized, and error-free computer programs with the appropriate technological stack
  • Present results directly to stakeholders and gather business requirements
  • Develop expertise in state-of-the-art Generative AI techniques
  • Expand your skill set within a dynamic and supportive environment
  • Work with Big Data solutions and advanced data tools in Cloud Platforms
  • Develop and implement ML models using Generative AI and LLM
  • Build and operationalize ML models, including data manipulation, experiment design, developing analysis plans, and generating insights
  • Lead teams of data scientists and software engineers to successful project execution


  • Maintain a synergy of Data Scientists, DevOps team, and ML Engineers to build infrastructure, set up processes, productize machine learning pipelines, and integrate them into existing business environments
  • Drive innovation in the realm of Generative AI and Language Models contributing to groundbreaking projects that redefine AI-powered content generation
  • Communicate with the world-leading companies from our logos portfolio
  • Have the possibility to work with the latest modern tools and technologies on various projects
  • Participate in international events and get certifications in cutting-edge technologies
  • Have access to powerful educational and mentorship programs
1000 - 1500
Big Data, Data Science, AR/VR, Fintech/Banking, Medtech/Healthcare

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