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Unity game developer

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zł — 14000
Brutto / Miesiąc / B2B

On behalf of OVIVO Games, SD Solutions is looking for Unity Game Developer who will play a crucial role in OVIVO’s success.

SD Solutions is a staffing company operating globally. Contact us to get more details about the benefits we offer.

As a Unity Developer, you'll have the opportunity to work with an amazing team of professionals, push the boundaries of game’s creation, and make a real impact on the industry.


  • Build games based on provided graphics and specification doc: Implement features such as player movement, game physics, graphics and more.
  • Work closely with design and art teams to bring ideas and features into the game.
  • Analyze game performance and resolve CPU/memory/battery usage issues.
  • Create clean, efficient, and well tested code.
  • Work closely with the product team in order to deliver solid project according to a tight schedules.
  • Work closely with QA in order to deliver clean, bug free games.
  • Read and modify an existing code/projects.
  • Integrate third-party SDKs such as Firebase / Adjust / Game Analytics.
  • Communicate with developers.


  • At least 3 years with proven experience in mobile games development.
  • Having a good understanding of game architecture.
  • Experience with Unity — Unity Editor Workflows.
  • Experience with SDKs integrations.
  • Knowledge of the Unity Physics system, Particle Systems and the various essential Unity Components.
  • Unity for Mobile (iOS/Android) — responsive designs, mobile performance considerations along with knowledge of game dev concepts like object pooling.
  • Expertize in C# programing with strong understanding of Object Oriented programming concepts and effective programming.
  • Good oral and written English communication skills.
  • At least two game projects using Unity engine.
  • A Team-player.
  • Working days: Sunday-Thursday


  • Good 3D math skills (linear algebra, vector math).
  • Agile development methodology.
  • Collaboration with big team projects with help of tools like git.
  • Passionate video game players.

About the company:

OVIVO Games is an innovative mobile hyper-casual games studio based in Israel, we are experts in the field of hyper-casual games, and we are focused on developing and publishing high quality, fun, satisfying and addictive Games. We are running fast and looking for a good-fit sprinter to join our team.

SD Solutions
100 - 300

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