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Senior Backend (.NET)/Full-Stack (.NET+Angular) Developer

zł 25000 — 35000
Brutto / Miesiąc / B2B

We are looking for a Senior Backend (.NET)/Full-Stack (.NET+Angular) Developer to join the customer's team.

About the Customer
The client has 160 years of experience in running trains, trams and buses and is a leader in rail-based and electrified transport. With a total of 9,000 employees in Finland and Sweden, the client is today also one of the Nordic region's largest players in public and long-distance transport, logistics and maintenance.
The client in Sweden helps 170 million travelers reach their destinations every year.

About the Team
Core team based in Poland:
5 Backend developers .NET
3 Fullstack developers .NET / angular
2 Frontend developers /angular
2 QA testers
1 Business Analyst / Proxy PO
1 Scrum master
1 UI/UX Designer
1 Delivery manager

Assignment description
The mission is to participate in the development that we have today and to help drive the further development/new development that we do to be marketable.
It is a portfolio today of about 50-70 own systems that we develop, manage and operate.
The task is to act as a senior/expert developer, support the team, take tech responsibility, and domain responsibility, build from scratch the solutions that our architects develop roughly, and also support other developers with knowledge sharing, support, e.g. with pair programming, documentation, and workshops. But above all by programming and delivering important components.

We are looking for an experienced developer who can/would be able to take on the role of tech lead/team lead over parts of the existing team but who initially enters as Senior dev.

We work in a 95% AWS environment, 100% cloud today.
We work with Serverless solutions, very data-intensive, IoT, Security, Many APIs, Microservices, responsive webapps.

Must haves
- Strong skills in most recent C# and .NET framework
- Strong communicative skills
- Good skills in distributed computing principles and theory
- Strong skills in multi-threaded, parallel computing (including synchronization primitives)
- Strong understanding of object-oriented principles, including SOLID
- Strong understanding of patterns and best practices, such as adapters, facades, proxies as well as test-driven, behavior-driven and domain-driven design.
- Good understanding of writing secure code (such as OWASP TOP 10)
- Experience in code review (would be a plus if the experience in code review for security (banking, insurance, payment industries or military))
- Good understanding of authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth
- Strong understanding of how to use cryptography in .NET (cipher, certificates, digital signing) – don’t need to understand the math behind the cryptography, just how to use existing cryptography in .NET, when to use what, and when not to use what, and why
- Strong skills in writing unit tests with various frameworks (NUnit, XUnit, SpecFlow)
- Strong skills in SQL and experience with more than one database engine (MySql, Postgresql, or Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2)
- Strong skills in object-relational mappers, such as Entity Framework Core and Dapper
- Several years of experience writing code for AWS, which should include lambdas and containerized solutions such as ECS or EKS, using SQS, EventBridge, S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway and WAF
- Some experience with Redshift
- Strong understanding of containerized technologies (Docker, ECS, EKS)
- Some experience writing infrastructure-as-code for AWS (Terraform or CDK)

Nice to have:
- Strong skills in Typescript
- Experience with data lakes, Athena and Glue
- At least some skills in Python
- Some experience in Azure
- Some experience using identity solutions such as Cognito, Azure AD, IdentityServer, Octa or other
- Domain-Driven Architecture
- CQRS and event-driven development

For a Full Stack also must have:
- Strong skills in Typescript
- Strong skills in recent versions of either Angular or React
- CSS and HTML
- Some affinity for design, and UX

Soft Values
Self sufficient
Actions Oriented
Verbal and Self confident
High English Skills

Developers Shore
< 10

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