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TechMagic is an IT company that brings together around 300 experts. Over 9 years, we've built a strong team that’s dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Global Reach

Our client base spans the globe, focusing on the USA, UK, and Scandinavia. TechMagic's portfolio includes solutions used by Fortune 500 companies, including Sony, Ryanair, Hilton, Cisco, and Deloitte..

Technological Expertise

Initially, TechMagic specialized in JavaScript, AWS, and Serverless technologies. However, our acquisition of Dynamo Development in 2022 expanded our technical portfolio to include .Net, Java, and PHP, enhancing our capability to deliver a wider array of solutions.

TechMagic Academy

Committed to fostering talent, TechMagic launched the TechMagic Academy. For the past 7 years, we have offered aspiring students free education in JavaScript and QA, with many graduates securing positions within our company. In 2022, we introduced three new courses focused on DevOps, security, lead generation, and B2B marketing, further broadening the scope of our training program.

Community Engagement

TechMagic actively contributes to the community as an official AWS partner through initiatives like the AWS User Group and MagicJS, our JS community. These platforms enable us to share knowledge, discuss innovative technologies, and collaborate on cutting-edge projects.

TechMagic is not just an IT company; we are a hub of technological innovation and education, committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients while nurturing the next generation of IT professionals.

10 - 50
Security, Fintech/Banking, Adtech/Advertising, Medtech/Healthcare, Cloud Computing

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