Jaki język programowania wybrać dla juniora? Proszę o poradę

Cześć! Mam na imię Piotr. Chciałbym pracować w IT. Wybrałem programowanie, bo od zawsze uwielbiałem matematykę.

Teraz planuję zapisać się na kursy online i zastanawiam się jaki język programowania wybrać.

Już spojrzałem trochę na Javascript i Python. Python wydaje mi się lżejszy i ciekawszy, ale Javascript jest zawsze w trendach.

Poleć mi co wybrać?

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Middle Software Engineer at Eleks * Nov 9

Hi! Witam!

Before choosing PL (programming language) I would suggest you to understand/choose domains/areas or stuff which you want to do.
I mean, what do you like to create/construct? ;)) Something visual & interactive & with colorful UI or something with heavy & complex back-end logic? It's totally OK if don't have exact answer right now))
The good thing is that either language you choose, you will have wide possibilities in types of applications which can be made with these languages.
At first, let me specify one more thing. Programming languages have different implementations, or variations, sub-sets or super-sets. These variations have some specific properties for different purposes.

Python programming language - have CPython (this is default implementation, most popular), Cython, PyPy, Jython, IronPython, Brython (can be used in browser instead of JS :)) etc.

ECMAScript (ES) is a programming language/ - most popular implementation is JavaScript, but also many implementations. I don't know exactly and all details, but I think that Node.js (for back-end), TypeScript (gaining more and more interest and very good) etc.

If you choose Python and web development - at some point of time you will definitely need to learn some JavaScript. Because, it's web development and with Django, Flask, FastAPI Python frameworks you can do back-end and front-end parts of web aplications.(HTML, CSS, JS and JS libraries, no JS frameworks at this point).
If you choose JavaScript and it's web frameworks (later on), e.g. React, Angular, Next.js, Vue etc -- well, I think that you will never need Python for your front-end tasks. Actually, you will meet - but it will be back-end APIs for which you will be making REST/GraphQL calls. Also, it will easier for you, imho, to learn Node.js >>> and you can become full-stack JavaScript dev.

You also can choose Python & JS >> you will become full-stack web developer + extra xyz-developer 'cause you will be able to create Python code not only for web. But Python has so many areas of application that experienced Python dev will always have a job...as well as JS dev. But any language demans (I mean, having strong, fresh and always demanding skills for market) not only knowledge of just language & it's ecosystem. It also requires knowing some DevOps practices, clouds services, databases etc.

Just pick one language. What you like the most. At least at the moment. Learn it. Learn it well. Really well. Make a generalistic list of the most frequent tech skills which are described in Python and JS vacancies, except the language itself. And you will see that for majority of junior/middle/senior positions language itself is just 2-3 items in the list of Requirements - the rest 7-8-9-10 items and also Would be a plus to have are other tech skills + can be 3-4-5 items for Soft skills. These are also important.

So, sorry for such big text. I hope, some of my ideas and pieces of advice will be helpfull.


* Nov 8

Największą popularnością wśród początkujących cieszy się Javascript i Python: https://survey.stackoverflow.co/2022/#most-popular-technologies-language-learn

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