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PIN-UP Global

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PIN-UP Global

PIN-UP Global is an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. PIN-UP Global is divided into directions depending on the profile: PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.CRM, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN -UP.TEAM. In each direction, there can be one or more companies interacting with each other by competition and cooperation. Ecosystem companies introduce innovative technologies, non-standard solutions for the development and scaling of products and services.

Our mission – based on deep market knowledge and the latest technologies, develop the Ecosystem companies and remain industry leaders.

With mutual trust and respect for independence letting us evolve to a higher level of service and product quality, our companies join forces and strive for a common goal.

Our products: iGaming-platform, CRM, Marketing tool, Anti-Fraud tools, Chat, Fintech, Affiliate system, Native Apps.

PIN-UP Global has no boundaries: 2500 employees, 6 countries with offices (Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Peru, Cyprus).

Our values ​​reflect our way of living and interacting with employees, partners and customers: 

  • Be the first to lead. We are constantly moving forward and setting trends. We offer the best solutions for clients and employees thanks to our drive, commitment, and courage to implement ideas and propose changes.
  • Be an expert in your domain. We offer a quality product due to the expertise of our team. Our professionalism is based on constant development along with the ecosystem, depth of understanding of the field in which we work, and competence in our functional area.
  • Be a partner in teamwork. Synergy is an important component of our built-on trust interaction. We learn from each other and keep agreements. We achieve a common result thanks to everyone's contribution, mutual support, and the ability to negotiate.
  • Be focused on the result. We are focused on personal, corporate, and client results. All ecosystem participants achieve our goals thanks to the high speed of work, perseverance, and determination. We are working to improve the qualitative and quantitative result indicators.
  • Be open and honest in communication. We are open in our communication with clients and employees. We give constructive feedback. Straightforwardness and honesty in communication are crucial for us. We create transparent and simple policies and processes.

PIN-UP Global condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine and actively helps the state in the struggle on the economic front. The main thing for us is people. This is why PIN-UP Global started a charity fund PIN-UP Foundation. Charitable programs that will be aimed at helping Ukrainians and restoring the country.

Employees in Poland
100 - 300

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