TypeScript 5.0. Już dostępny

TypeScript 5.0. Już dostępny

Stało się to znane z bloga Microsoftu:

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TypeScript 5.0!

This release brings many new features, while aiming to make TypeScript smaller, simpler, and faster. We’ve implemented the new decorators standard, added functionality to better support ESM projects in Node and bundlers, provided new ways for library authors to control generic inference, expanded our JSDoc functionality, simplified configuration, and made many other improvements.

If you’re not familiar with TypeScript yet, it’s a language that builds on JavaScript by adding syntax for types which can be used for type-checking. Type-checking can help catch lots of common mistakes, from typos to logic errors. Bringing types to JavaScript also allows us to build great tooling, since types can power features like code completions, go-to-definition, and refactorings in your favorite editor. In fact, if you’ve used editors like Visual Studio or VS Code, TypeScript already provides the JavaScript experience there! You can read up about the language at https://typescriptlang.org.

But if you’re already familiar with TypeScript, have no fear! 5.0 is not a disruptive release, and everything you know is still applicable. While TypeScript 5.0 includes correctness changes and some deprecations for infrequently-used options, we believe most developers will have an upgrade experience similar to previous releases.


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