Paid C++ Render Internship

Paid C++ Render Internship

Dragons Lake is launching a paid C++ Render Internship! 🚀Take the opportunity to master computer graphics and work on AAA projects.

Dragons Lake is back with a C++ Render Internship – an intensive yet insightful learning program with 800+ hours of practice. This year the internship is expanding its geography and is available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Turkey 🌍

Here are the key details to keep in mind:

▪️Start of the internship: June 2023
▪️Language: English
▪️Training period: 6.5 months
▪️Format: full-time remote

This is a paid internship, so each intern gets a fair reward for their hard work!

During the internship, you will create your own Rendering Engine and learn to understand and explain the graphics on the screen. In addition, you will implement a simple CPU ray tracer and study the GPU language, a graphics API like Direct3D 11.

Apply now, and after the review of your application, you will get a test task. You rock if you have fundamental C++ knowledge, solid mathematical skills, a desire to learn computer graphics, and good English. Upon successful completion of a test task, you will get an invitation to the interview and a chance to become a game dev intern 🎮

🐉 Dragons Lake is a multi-genre game development studio for PC and consoles. We partner with 7/10 top publishers to create outstanding titles. Our dragon team works on numerous high-end games and uses innovative tools to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience uniting players worldwide.

📍Registration for the internship is now open via the link:


Śledź nas na Twitter @dou_polska

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