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PHP (Laravel) Engineer


About us

Starting in 2017 with a few people on board, zero investments and no marketing, we launched Hiveon. Understanding of what we did (a software for mining geeks) helped us to define the goal — this must be high-quality products. In 2018 we became the 1st leading global ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining.

Today we remain ranking the forefront in the niche, expanded mining product set. With 100 people in a team, and 2 mln active connected devices in 100+ countries 🔝.

The next milestone is to become a TOP-1 ecosystem in Web3, uniting Mining and Crypto fintech solutions.

We are proven not only by our users but also by such resources as: “Galleon” in the Top 10 Best Mining OS, “Mining Pool Stats” in the TrustPool ranking in RVN and ETC, and others. The scaling of Hiveon and our product suite didn’t force us to attract investments. We’re still building self-payback products, and we will do in the future.

And now we are looking for a key PHP Engineer with a deep expertise in Laravel to push the boundaries of technology and contributing to development of groundbreaking Hiveon OS — the world’s №1 operating system for miners with more than 600,000 users.

About you

  • Strong hands-on experience in software development.
  • Proficiency in PHP 7+, with a focus on developing scalable and efficient applications.
  • Extensive experience with the Laravel 5+, showcasing the ability to build robust and maintainable web solutions.
  • Proven expertise in utilizing PHPUnit for comprehensive unit testing to ensure code reliability and quality.
  • Strong command of SQL databases, including PostgreSQL or MySQL, for effective data storage and retrieval.
  • Proficiency in containerization using Docker, enabling seamless deployment and scalability of applications.
  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in implementing caching mechanisms using Redis.
  • At least Upper-Intermediate level of English.

Will be a plus

  • Familiarity with Swoole.
  • Competence in NodeJS for server-side scripting.
  • Experience with GRPC.
  • Knowledge of Prometheus metrics.
  • Familiarity with Golang.
  • Proficiency in ElasticSearch.
  • Experience with ClickHouse.
  • Competence in WebSocket technology.
  • Knowledge of MQTT protocol.
  • Knowledge of blockchain/cryptocurrency/mining.


  • Dive into our challenging product, demonstrating your ability to conceptualize, develop, and deliver intricate tasks and modules from the ground up.
  • Writing Unit Tests. Showcase your expertise in ensuring code reliability and quality by meticulously crafting comprehensive unit tests.
  • Breaking a monolithic application into efficient and scalable services.
  • Taking ownership of existing parts of the product: maintenance and extension its functionality, ensure its health and vitality.

Projects: Hiveon OS + Hiveon Enterprise.

About the team and structure

In this position, you will closely work with Project Manager, Tech Lead and PHP Engineer. Now we are a team of 80+ specialists and 6 products we are working on.

This is possible thanks to a flat structure, small teams, where everyone is a little bit of a product person, digs deep into the product and brings their own ideas.

  • We don’t have absolutely clearly described processes, and sometimes you just need to do it in order to seize huge opportunities. This may not suit some people, and that’s ok.
  • We have a technological product whose users invest millions or more in their business. Gradually understanding this market and products is a key criterion for further growth and productive work.

Our Products

  • Hiveon OS — the world’s №1 operating system for miners. 5 years ago, we launched a product that has become leading in the sphere within the first 6 months with no marketing budget.
  • Hiveon Pool — the best solution for ETH, ETC mining. Since its launch, our Pool has become a TOP 4 pool for mining worldwide. Last year we got x9 client volume growth.
  • Hiveon ASIC Firmware — the game-changing firmware for ASICs. Our users get extra hashrate up to 60%, high protection from viruses, and a bunch of Hive OS features to manage all the farms easily.
  • Hiveon ASIC Hub — a time and cost-effective solution. Clients can install thousands of ASICs within minutes and use the benefits of Hive OS.
  • Energy - helps our clients optimize and manage their energy costs.
  • Hiveon Enterprise - community OS for clients with multiple farms. Give the possibility to monitor as general status of the whole organization, as dive deeper into each worker.

Keep an eye on our upcoming announcements 😏


  • Healthy corporate culture all over the company (94% of our team would recommend Hiveon to their friends)
  • Remote work with absolutely flexible working hours
  • Unlimited vacations & sick leaves
  • Learning & Development events compensation
  • Freedom of innovation and creativity
  • Only necessary processes and meetings, no bureaucracy
  • Experience working with non-typical and difficult eco-system that connected millions of devices throughout the world.

Do you have the same vibe as us? Apply now!

Blockchain, High Load Systems, Other

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