Learn about IoT projects on AWS Notes. Chapter 1: description of the reports and more information

Learn about IoT projects on AWS Notes. Chapter 1: description of the reports and more information

This December, AWS User Group Ukraine is launching a new series of a virtual conference, AWS Notes. And Yalantis is General Partner of the event.

Each AWS Notes event is a separate chapter of the AWS Cloud, compiled from special talks, Notes, that will allow you to dive into the world of AWS projects, learn about best practices and successful case studies that help develop Ukrainian and global IT.

Chapter 1 is dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) projects. During the first virtual conference, the following will be presented:
"This is the first event from AWS User Group Ukraine in this format, fully dedicated to IoT. In 2022, at Yalantis we strategically chose to dive into this direction. This conference will serve as a platform to showcase our achievements, raise awareness among Ukrainian developers, and share our vision of the IoT industry development. We've developed our unique solutions and approaches that we’re eager to share with the community. It is rare to find open information about solutions in the IoT industry. Usually, this domain remains closed and there is little information about how it works under the hood. So we will analyze this topic from start to finish. At Yalantis, we will present our Data Management platform, which is used in IoT solutions to collect, process, and visualize data." — Denis Doronin, CTO at Yalantis.

Tech Notes, during which speakers will reveal how IoT is revolutionizing various industries and talk about the challenges and difficulties faced by developers when creating such projects.

🔸 “Modular IoT data processing platform or "here we go again ..." by Denis Doronin, CTO at Yalantis

🔸 “Connected Mobility with AWS” by Oleksii Ivanchenko, Solution Architect at AWS

🔸 “Migrating 1 Million Devices to AWS IoT” by Ivan Kovalenko, Software Engineer at Global Logic

🔸 “AWS IoT in the Driver's Seat: Transforming Automotive Data Gathering and Analysis” by Konstantinos Kourmousis, Solution Architect at AWS

🔸Building OCPP-compliant EV charging solution on AWS  від Михайла Когута        

Embedded IoT Solutions Architect at N-iX

And short but insightful Snap Notes, where speakers will share their innovative IoT projects.

🔹 “eSvitlo: Using AWS to Light Up Lives During Blackouts in War-torn Ukraine” by Vitalii Pavliuk, Senior Software Engineer at Mathem and Chimplie

🔹  “A Homemade Plant Growth Monitoring IoT System” by Sixing Huang, Bioinformatician and Evangelist at Gemini Data Inc

The conference will be held online, so you can join from anywhere in the world to learn first-hand knowledge about IoT from the developers!

For more information, visit the conference website: https://aws-user-group.com.ua/ 

Registration is now open, and speakers are preparing to share their experience with you. Join us and see you at AWS Notes. Chapter 1!

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